We stock a large selection of trailer jacks, balls and hitches along with electrical trailer hook-ups. Horseshoe pitching games, local made Bombat washer games, hand cranked ice cream freezers and Texas made nine-wood rockers can help you relax after using the many unusual tools we always keep in stock.
Still sold today are pitcher pumps, scythe handles and blades, eye hoes, two-wheeled seeder and push plow, draw knives, hi-lift jacks, grain scoops and shovels, axes and wood splitters, farm carts and wheelbarrows. Our cage trap selection can catch a mouse or a coyote. Snares, snake leggings and animal deterrents such as owls, hawks and rubber snakes complete the mix. In the fall we carry locally-grown shelled pecans and pecan picker-uppers. Hurricane lanterns and lamp oils along with containers and bulk kerosene, decorative yard windmills, rain barrels and composters and cedar swings make coming to our store a unique experience and make us a “REAL” general store.