Hippie Hollow Bar Soap – Austin Natural Soap

Hippie Hollow Bar Soap – Austin Natural Soap


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Feeling dirty? Clean up with Hippie Hollow soap! This seductive blend of patchouli and ylang ylang essential oils features hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is great for your skin – no after bath or after shower lotion needed! Sweet almond oil has also been added as an extra moisturizer. The unique brownish-purple color comes from the blend of hemp seed oil and cocoa powder. Aromatherapists say that patchouli and ylang ylang are aphrodisiacs….hhhmmmm….we’ll let you be the judge! If you are ever in Austin, check out the real Hippie Hollow and get an all over tan if you dare. The park lies in the basin area of Lake Travis and features a steep, rocky cliffs and sloping swimming areas.All Austin Natural Soap bars weigh in at a generous 4.5 ounces.

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Handmade with love and care here in Austin, Texas, Austin Natural Soap will have you smelling nice and clean.  This soap comes in many different Austin related aromas.  Austin Natural Soap has been helping hands, faces, and bodies since the turn of the century.

Austin Natural Soap is handcrafted and handmade in Austin, Texas in small batches using only quality plant-based oils for their moisturizing properties. All of our soaps contain base oils of olive, palm, and coconut with vitamin E added as a natural preservative. In addition, all of our soaps include one or more extra moisturizing super-fatting oils (e.g. cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil and/or shea butter). Your skin will feel clean, smooth, and soft after using our soap – no lotion needed! No animal fat is used in our handmade, vegan, herbal soaps and natural glycerin is not extracted – unlike commercial soaps. All of our handmade Texas soaps are pH tested and we do not test on animals (only willingly tested by our friends and family!).

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